Sunday, January 30, 2011

Red wine & ripe tomatoes

I thought it was time for a facelift (for the blog, not me) and this red is rich; it reminds me of red wine and spaghetti sauce… 

Two years ago, we planted our first vegetable garden, and it produced!  Most notably, we had amazing amounts of tomatoes. From late summer well into the fall, so late that rescued the last big batch of fruit from the cold and piled them onto every windowsill in the house. Every few weeks, I would make tomato sauce, so as not to waste any of the fruit of our labor. It turned out to also be a great way to use up half-drunk bottles of red wine that are no longer fit to drink.
I also put in garlic and herbs from our garden. I froze it in large and small jars, for using as a pasta sauce and sauce for pizza.
Last year, we weren’t so lucky with our garden. Our tomatoes, in particular, caused us some serious grief, and even after replacing dying plants several times, the harvest was minimal, to say the least. And so, in order to replenish our stock in the freezer, we spent a small fortune on tomatoes at a local farmer’s market. 


  1. Our small veg garden didn't do very well last year, either. I'm not much of a gardener, which is part of the problem (okay, MOST of the problem), but it seemed a bad year for many.

  2. Sounds like good sauce! That is the problem with gardens though, its hard to go back to store bought when you have had garden fresh veggies.

  3. Thanks for reading. We're still enjoying the stock from the freezer. With any luck, it'll last us until the next crop of totatoes.